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Together, we will co-create the future to be more valueable, more regenerative and more circular by design.

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Who is the XLabs program for?

Individuals and business teams who are looking to build their capability and take full advantage of the circular economy opportunity. This is the new narrative for innovation and progress that has been identified to be worth up to $4.5 trillion dollars globally and up to $8.8 billion in Tāmaki Makaurau alone.  It doesn’t really matter what discipline or department you work in, we cater for all levels of expertise. You might be a Sustainability Director, a Designer, an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, or work in Marketing. Making the shift from linear to circular can benefit all areas of your business from procurement, supply chains, innovation, meeting new customer needs and designing closed-loop systems for waste streams. You are welcome to join as an individual but as previous XLabs participants have discovered — your impact will be exponential if you bring a team!

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An online course created by real-world practitioners — where you and/or your team explore how the circular economy can be practically applied to your business and the environmental challenges of BAU.


per individual, and team pricing available

  • Level up your knowledge of the circular economy with real-world practitioners, building your capability as individuals and teams to solve the challenges facing businesses right now.

  •  Address the extractive practices of the linear economy, designing out waste and ideating new solutions for your business that unlock new value for people and the planet. 

  •  Connect with like-minded people who are on the same journey through our dedicated community platform. 

  •  Develop your action plan to accelerate your progress towards a circular economy. 

  •  Apply to be part of XLabs LIVE - our in-person circular design sprint

Get started with XLabs LEARN, or sign up your team for the full XLabs program. See full details below.

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Feedback from participants of our 2020 program — 

“XLabs was professional, thought-provoking, constructive, and facilitative. It will help drive NZ's economy to better places.” - XLabs 2020 participant

Feedback from participants of our 2020 program — 

“I wish I could do it all over again. It was incredibly well run, the team were a great bunch of clever + happy humans!” - XLabs 2020 Participant

Feedback from participants of our 2020 program — 

"It has been brilliant to be part of XLabs and to see the passion and drive that exists for changing how we work and how we think about our impact on the planet. We have been inspired" - XLabs 2020 participant

Feedback from participants of our 2020 program — 

"We've got an amazing opportunity to consider circular principles in all of our ideas moving forward... For any other business looking at doing XLabs — I just say do it!" - XLabs 2020 participant 

Feedback from participants of our 2020 program — 

"We saw XLabs as a place to come up with solutions to the questions and problems we have using the circular economy system, and to understand what might be possible outside of our business 'bubble'. It really helped connect the dots — not just with the amazing speakers who were truly inspiring, but there was so much bouncing off each other's ideas with the other teams. It gave us all encouragement that yes we can do this, and together the challenge is less daunting." - XLabs 2020 participant
  • 90% of participants came away from the programme with a better understanding of the circular economy and why it is important for their business.  
  • 85% of participants agreed that they felt excited about taking action at the end of the programme, and 78% agreed that they came away from their XLabs experience with at least one thing they/ their business could change or start doing in the next 6-12 months.

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